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Offering a guest article with gratitude to a sadhak Monali Lodha, who has beautifully mentioned Babaji’s words in her own words. These are good revision to Babaji’s teachings and these teachings are gathered from Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore shivirs.

  • The final aim of all religions is ascension. Methods are different. 
  • Shivyog is a way to ascension. Shivyog is a life style.. Bring this lifestyle into your religion. 
  • Shivyog is based on the principle of blessing. The blessings of the Guru enable a sadhak to get rid of the karmas of several lives through sadhana. 
  • Shivyog is knowingness. Shivyogi will do everything knowingly. 
  • Respect every person and love every person as if Lord Shiva has come to you in his/her form. And you will see that divinity flows to you from the higher dimensions.  A Shivyogi has the power of infinite dimensions within him. He has an advantage that despite his karmic layers (if any), the divinity still flows! This is possible due to the blessings of the Siddha Guru (Ascended Master).
Steps for ascension
    • Acceptance
    • Gratitude
    • Forgiveness: The moment you forgive, you are disconnected from that person/situation/event that has been haunting you. 
    • Unconditional Love: To achieve unconditional love, do not judge and accept everyone the way they are.
The following 3 are a must in the life of a Shivyog Sadhak:
·         Sadhana
Make a daily routine for yourself. Devote the morning for Shambhavi Sadhana. Do your daily chores during the day. And before you sleep, do the Shri Vidya Sadhana.
·         Seva
Neki kar kuey mein daal.. Naa ki neki kar tijori mein daal. Forget your kind deeds. Do not keep them in memory in the expectation of returns. Not just the deed, also forget the name of the person whom you have helped. And when you help, help with vinamrata (humility). Help the people you don’t even know. Your seva has to be Nishkaam!
Baba gave a wonderful example to highlight the importance of Seva in one’s life. A man from Hyderabad used to take Baba wherever he wanted to go in his old Maruti car. He did that very wholeheartedly. Baba learnt through someone that the man had very little to make his ends meet and that he often borrowed money for petrol. Baba thought that he must help him. So Baba gave him Shri Vidya Deeksha. Baba also realized that this man had not done any nishkaam seva in his life and that, no seva was also the reason for his poverty. Baba asked him if he had helped anyone in need. He said that he had no money for his household needs. How could he afford seva? Baba told him that seva did not have to be something very grand and expensive. Baba asked him to set aside Rs. 10 per day, buy bread out of it and feed the hungry. He followed Baba’s advice and continued his sadhana. Today that man is a Shivyogi and has huge estates in Hyderabad. He also offered Baba to build an ashram in a land that runs several acres!
·         Sankeertan
Sing in the glory of the Lord. Just sing out the darkness. You will feel light. You must learn to sing. Life should not be dry.  
Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil aa jaaye
Tum lena Shiv Ka Naam.. Namah Shivay!
Na koi than a koi hai, mere Shiv ke sivay
Tum lena Shiv ka naam.. Namah Shivay!
(To see this song video, click here)
Praarabdh Bhog is a way of releasing negative energy. The other way is Sadhana. Karmas pull a person in the past or the future. When you do Shivyog Sadhana, there is no past and there is no future.
Karmic factors, negative psychic impressions, unresolved issues and sanskaras pull the consciousness downwards. You can compare this to the stones tied to a floating body. The greater the weight of the stones, the more they pull the body downwards.
The power of mantras is infinite. All the Mantras that we recite during Shivyog Swadhyay (Guru Mantra, Devi Mantra and Shiv Mantra) are Jaagrit Mantras (A Jaagrit Mantra is one which raises the vibrational energy immediately).
Baba remembered a particular incidence where he experienced a very divine energy field in a house he was once visiting. He later came to know that the owner of the house had put tiny microphones in and around the house that continuously played the beej mantra. Such is the power of the Mantras!
In order to enhance the positive energy within you, transmute the negative energy to positive energy using the power of this Jaagrit Beej Mantra of Bhagwan MahaMrityunjaya. The chanting of it emits divine light and stops bacterial/viral growth.
Chant the Mahalakshmi Mantra 3 times for wealth.
Durga Strotra is a cure for every trouble and problem. Chant this mantra 5 times.
During the Shri Vidya Sadhana Shivir, Baba asked all the sadhaks to chant the Shri Vidya Mantra as and when they remembered it, Babaji advised to talk as less as possible during the three days of Sri Vidya shivir. 
How long can a bow hurt? Only until there is a target. Only until there is a false ‘I’.. until there is an ego.. The REAL ‘I’ is nothingness. When there is real ‘I’, there is nothing for the bow to hurt.
The ultimate aim of human life is Nar se Narayan ki Yatra.. Dropping the self consciousness and becoming one with the cosmic consciousness. Then outer happenings no longer affect you. This itself is Moksha!
There are 7 main chakras in our body. Our body continuously needs energy to carry out its daily activities. 10% energy comes from the food we eat. 20% comes from the Prana that we inhale. And the remaining 70% is tapped from the universe by our Chakras. As one raises his consciousness, the Chakras become capable of tapping energy through higher dimensions. It is from the Pran Sharir (the Chakras and Nadis) that the energy flows to the Sthool Sharir. So in effect, the Pran sharir is more powerful than the Sthool Sharir. Baba shared an incident from his own life where he saw a thin man of 90 years do a physical act which even the strongest of men could not. Baba asked him the reason for his fitness. To this the Yogi replied, “You lift through your physical gross body. I lift through my prana”. 
If you want to accomplish anything, say “I am Prana, and do it!”
The seven chakras are as follows:
Tatva (Element)
No. of Petals
Body Parts
Prithvi (Earth)
Musculoskeletal system
Related to gross needs. A person who does lot of physical work usually has an activated Mooladhara. The seat of Maa Kundalini Shakti.
Jal (Water)
Uterus, kidneys, reproductive organs
Sex, creativity
Agni (Fire)
Stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenal gland
Anger, Ego
Vaayu (Wind)
Heart, lungs
Akash (Sky)
Throat, thyroid gland
Clarity of thoughts and expression
Guru (Master)
Eyes, ears, nose, jaws, pituitary gland
The Guru tatva gives a direction to life
Brain, pineal gland
Receives the cosmic energy from the universe
There are 72 lakh nadis in our Prana Sharir. However, of them, 3 are main: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

The sushumna nadi is of special interest to us as Maa kundalini rises to the Sahastrar Chakra from the Mooladhar Chakra from this Nadi. It awakens the Kundalini shakti to Chiti Shakti.  This Nadi runs parallel to the spinal cord.
“Om Mani Padme Hum“ is a Buddhist Mantra. At each chakra, there is a shining diamond in the petals of the lotus. Baba guided us into a simple meditation by visiting each chakra and chanting this mantra at each chakra.
Whatever you see today, you had desired for it in the past. Whatever you had desired strongly has manifested. When you seek, it takes time to materialize physically. But at the highest (Astral) level or in the Sookshma Sharir, it materializes immediately.
Everything is within you. First create within. Then work to create outside. Ascension is the word. You take 1 step upwards. He will come million steps down to carry you along with him.
Now that you know this, don’t run behind petty things. You can easily transform those situations with your sadhana. A lady came to Baba with an eye problem. The roots of this problem went decades back when her daughter, who was just a baby of 3, was ill with eye problem. The worried mother then prayed – My Lord, take my eyes if you want. Why let the little one suffer? Baba says, are you bargaining with Him? Eye for an eye? 😉 Just ask Him to cure. Why bargain?
Your intention has to be very pure. No Chaalaki (crookedness) in intentions.
Asteya ka paalan karo. Asteya means not wanting something that you have not earned yourself.  Maangna to Guru se Maangna.. Maangna to Shiv se maangna.. Wahan sab infinite hai. Duniya se kya maangna!
Before any important meeting, invoke Sanjeevani Shakti 11 times and request the Holy Mother to stay with you. Request her – Mera ye kaam siddha kar do.. (Please bring success to this task) When you begin any work, never say – I don’t know whether I am right or wrong. Say – In my best capability, I want to do this.
Baba’s favorite line is – TUM CHAHTE KYA HO? (WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DESIRE?) He urges everyone to clearly define the categories. These could be:
  • What kind of body do you want? 
  • What kind of house do you want? 
  • What kind of life partner do you want? 
  • What kind of job do you want?
 The 3 musts for achieving Dharana Shakti are:
    • Shuddha Bhavana (Pure intent) 
    • Nirmal Mann (Purity of the mind) 
    • Nishchal Mann (steady mind)

~ Seek in the present moment

~ Seek with faith
~ Seek with belief
~Seek with purity
  …………. and it shall be given to the seeker!

At every thought, ask yourself. Is this thought positive? Or is it negative? What is it going to create? And now decide if you want to go ahead with it.
Jo tumko chahiye wohi sochna
Jo tumko chahiye wohi bolna.
Think of only that what you want. Speak of only that what you want. 
Talk less. Don’t judge, criticize or gossip. You will see that as you stop judging, you start living in the present moment. Keep chanting the mantra (Shri Vidya Sadhaks can chant the Sacred Shri Vidya Beej Mantra)
Also keep track of what you do. What you give comes manifold back to you. Hence it is important that you practice Nishkaam Seva (Selfless Service)
Dealing with unwanted thoughts:
Say to the unwanted thoughts…
1.      Ye mera mann hai, mera sharir hai (This is my mind, my body)
2.      Isme meri hi aatmashakti rahe (Only the power of my soul can reside here)
3.      Tum jahan se aaye wahi chale jaao (Go away to the place you came from)
Your consciousness gets affected with your thoughts. Decide what you want.
The 3rd dimension is a neutral dimension. From here, you can go above or below. All the dimensions are within you. Here are the various Lokas residing in various Chakras:
  1. Sahastrar: Brahmaloka (It is the abode of Lord Shiva. Sanjeevani Shakti originates from here.) 
  2. Aagya: Siddhaloka 
  3. Vishuddhi: Janaloka 
  4. Anaahat: Maharloka 
  5. Manipur: Swargloka 
  6. Swaadhishthaan: Bhoorvaloka 
  7. Moolaadhaar: Prithviloka 
  8. As one moves below the Moolaadhaara, he enters the lower dimensions.
It is a play of consciousness.. The Dance of Kundalini or The Dance of Nataraja. You can call it what you wish.  The humans make a choice. When you ascend, you attract illumination of the higher dimensions. You become immortal. When you were born, you were born at a certain level of consciousness. Horoscope was ok then. Now that you have decided to live the path of Shivyog, you have changed your horoscope! You are born again at a higher level of consciousness. You have left that horoscope behind. You don’t come with a destiny written on your forehead. Nor do you have a pre-determined lifespan. You create your own life and your own number of years.  There is no such thing as prediction. There is only creation.
Similarly, we don’t search for a Shubh Muhurtam (Holy Time) in Shivyog. Shiva does it all for us. Whatever we do becomes Shubh!
Emotion = Energy in Motion. It is your strength. Attach your dhaarana (manifestation) to your emotions. And create! The Lord has put emotions in us to bring us closer to Him.
Do not seek when you are angry. Maa Sanjeevani still cleans and heals and gets you what you seek. She makes sure to heal the situation. But why bother her!
Whenever you are afraid or feeling low, invoke the divine Mother. Do not analyze.  Connect to the higher energy. Energy flows from high to low..
Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil aa jaaye
Tum lena Shiv Ka Naam.. Namah Shivay!
Na koi than a koi hai, mere Shiv ke sivay
Tum lena Shiv ka naam.. Namah Shivay!
  • Now don’t say your problem is big.. Shiv se bada koi nahi! There is nothing bigger than Shiva! 
  • Never let people console you. Be strong! 
  • You need inner power to experience the worldly happiness. When you activate the inner power, you will start living your life 200%. Yes, 200%! 100% spiritual life and 100% worldly life! 
  • If you want to reach the level of ‘no desire’, first become the one who fulfils all the desires. In order to attain the gyana on the spiritual path and realize that this is the ultimate path, you need to be complete in all respects. You must have experienced 100% worldly life. Only then can you compare the bliss in the two worlds and move in the higher realm. Experience the world. Enjoy your life, but be illuminated all the time.
We are multi-dimensional beings. The purer my consciousness, the higher is my dimension. Gravitation, distance, time are not applicable in the higher dimensions. Remember your glorious past. Remember your ancestors. Ramalinga Swami was a great yogi from TamilNadu who lived as a great saint and who, when he wanted to leave the world, just vanished from his room. His remains were never found. If your ancestors were so capable, so are you.  Know your capabilities. Raise your vibrations. Create a light body.
(To read in detail about Swami Ramalinga click here.)
The Sanchit Karmas are stored in the Sookshma Shariras. You don’t know what is hidden in which body. So send Sanjeevani Shakti in all 5 bodies – Anandamaya, Gyanmaya, Manomaya, Pranmaya and Annamaya Kosh.
When you send Sanjeevani Shakti to your physical body, focus on the following areas:
·         Bones
·         Muscles
·         Blood Vessels
·         Nerves
Our body is regenerating all its cells even at this moment. This is a continuous process. Then why is it that a cancerous cell grows in place of a cancerous cell? Why doesn’t a healthy cell grow in place of a cancerous cell? This is because cells consist of atoms. And atomic configuration in our body is governed by our consciousness. The unresolved issues revolve in the consciousness as holographic images. Once you clean these images out of your consciousness, your consciousness becomes clean and pure. It then produces healthy atoms, which in turn constitute healthy cells.
So when you heal yourself or others, request Sanjeevani shakti to heal the following:
    • Cells 
    • Atoms 
    • Consciousness
Cleaning the chakras is like pruning the leaves of a tree that you don’t want. To uproot it completely, you must illuminate the consciousness. Request Mother Sanjeevani to illuminate your consciousness with her divine healing powers
You can use the following requests:
·        ~ Sanjeevani, please illuminate my consciousness
·        ~ I connect my consciousness with Maa Sanjeevani
·        ~ Maa, please illuminate my body parts with the light of my consciousness.
Shivyog does not destroy. Shivyog does not kill. Shivyog transmutes.. Sanjeevani transmutes.
A lady asked Baba about a family member who had become an alcoholic. She asked what she could do to help him overcome the habit. Baba says, people consume alcohol to avoid sadness. Anybody who is in a bad habit does not need irritation. He needs love and healing. The vibrational energy of unconditional love is very high. It can heal anything and everything. For overcoming alcoholism, send Sanjeevani Shakti in the Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus)
A mentally low person is more prone to take disease.Send love, acceptance, kindness and forgiveness. First send it to yourself. Then send it to your soul group. Your immediate family is a part of your soul group. You cannot say that I have transformed, but look at them, they won’t change.. Remember that if you are beings of light, you loved ones also are beings of light. Sirf apneko sudharna (Only change yourself for the better). Do not try to change the other person. You are 100% responsible for everything in your life. When you hold the other person responsible, you cannot forgive. And the one who can’t forgive can’t live in the present moment. The solution is: Analyze very objectively and release!
These kriyas should be practiced before meditation.
1.      Agnisaar (Treat your stomach like a football and pull it inwards to make it touch your back)
2.      Baahari Kumbhak (Exhale and move your stomach inwards and outwards)
3.      Kapaalbhaati (Front, sides, back)
4.      Bhastrika
5.      Naadi Shodhan
6.      Koorma Kriya
7.      Moolbandh (Varjruli Mudra)
As you do these kriyas, smile at all your organs and send them love.

Trifala churna is a great medicine for eyes. To make Trifala at home, you will need:
1.      100gm Awla
2.      100gm Behada
3.      100gm Harda
Make the powder yourself. Do not purchase readymade trifala churna from the market. Take it 1 teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.
A carpet gathers dust in a day’s time. When you dust it in the evening, the dust rises. If you try to shut the doors and dust the carpet, there is suffocation. Similarly, the human mind gathers dust during a day’s time. When you do Sadhana, these impressions are released. Let them go! Do not shut the doors. Do not resist the change.
Ek hi sadhana kayi janmonke karma kaat sakti hai (Sadhana holds the capability of releasing the karmas accumulated over many lives).
Always be grateful for the results that you get. Remember that real power comes only from real Guru Bhakti (Devotion towards the Guru) and that Lord Shiva comes in the form of Siddha Guru. A Sadhak should let go of his ego. Recognize him and surrender your ego to him. If you claim the credit for your results, you are being egoist. Let go of petty petty vested interests. Aim for the ultimate and the infinite.
Meditation will bring its own experiences. You will have Saakshaatkaar or anubhuti. Chup Raho! Keep quiet and walk the path. Do not claim anything until you have the power to make others experience it.
Also, do not complain that I see no chakra or that I experience no vibrations. Just meditate with true intention. Everything is Bhaav re!
In Siddha Dhyan, your spiritual cord is connected to the infinite higher dimensions. And you receive energy through all those dimensions.
In Shambhavi Dhyan, your Sahastrar Chakra is connected to the Anahat Chakra of Lord Shiv-Shiva! 
Affirmations to make in turya awastha:
  • I have perfect body 
  • I have perfect health 
  • I have perfect mind 
  • I have wonderful good luck 
  • I have the power to create perfect body, perfect health, perfect shape and perfect mind. And I am already doing so! 
  • I am Sat-chit-anand! 
  • I release this XXX from my consciousness which is not good for my ultimate good.
(XXX can be any-negative-event-that-you-wish-to-release/any-negative-belief-system-you-wish-to-release/scarcity/any-person-whose-memory-you-wish-to-release.)
Shri Vidya Sadhana is the most sacred of Kundalini Sadhana. Just as Shivlinga is the niraakar roop of Lord ShivShiva, Shri Chakra is the niraakar roop of Maa Lalita Tripur Sundari
Every Friday, meditate on the MahaMeru. Worship it with Kumkum and Chandan.
Since this sadhana is so sacred, the King of the Gods – Indra and Maaya will be watching you over. Let go your ego. All Devas (Gods) respect a Shri Vidya Sadhak as much as they respect Lord Shiva. All low dimensional beings run away from a Shri Vidya Sadhak.
All 7 dimensions above and below the 3rd dimension are purified.
It is the patches in the consciousness that affect the life. There is no such thing as the Kalasarpadosha. It is merely a fashion among the astrologers. One never heard of this dosha until a few years ago.
Bhoomidosh, Pitrudosh, Grahdosh, Karmdosh, Devdosh, Vaastudosh are nothing but karmic debts. Failure is also a karmic debt.
Surya Narayan (The Sun God) nourishes all plants and animals on this planet. He is the source of tej (divine light), fame, good health and prosperity. Connect to the Sun in your meditation and get nourished. Use the MritSanjeevani Shakti (Sanjeevani Shakti merged with Sun God) to repay your karmic debts. When you merge the Sanjeevani Shakti with Sun God, he becomes very happy and blesses you.
When you feed the hungry in the name of your ancestors, it is not the food but the contentment that goes to them. Be grateful to your parents. You will have divine kids when you are grateful to your parents.
  • Don’t use lens for eyesight problems. Lens reduces the capability of the human eye to get back to normal. Take Trifala Powder regularly.
  • Do not use plastic. 
  • Do not use electric water purifiers. Electricity kills the prana in water and food. It becomes dead. Use brass, copper, iron and steel vessels. Copper is an enemy of cancer. 
  • Do not use microwave ovens. Destroy them and throw them away. Do not give them away to others. By giving them away to others, you are not doing any good. 
  • Never eat food without offering your gratitude. Always say thank you to all who contributed in bringing the food in that form to you.

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