Healing at the Shivirs

We get self-healed at shivirs then why do we need to do self-healing?
Babaji sure does great healings at shivirs, but he wants every saadhak to practice self-healing also because once saadhaks learns how to heal their own selves (body, mind and soul) they can also extend Hthis healing to others (humans, animals, plants, earth). The purpose of ShivYog is to unite with the infinite and tap the potentials to heal the self and heal the creation. It is to be a medium of the Sanjeevani shakti to reach places where it is required the most at this time. Babaji once said, “If you want to heal disease go to a hospital” which means that one should not go with the intention of just getting rid of that ailment or problem, but one should understand why that problem is occurring. All disease and sufferings are due to one’s own karmas and one should go with the desire to heal those karmas and get released from the bondage of suffering. Thus Babaji never gives importance to the problems of life but he encourages one to see what is behind the problem and to hit at the root cause – karmas. Babaji only ensures that one gets connected to the divine which can help one to do enough sadhana to proceed ahead towards self-realization. This sadhana may have not been possible due to many obstacles and overwhelming problems that one faces. This is the time when one approaches ShivYog with an attitude of total surrender. This is when Babaji cleanses away those layers of thick karma and after that a saadhak finds it easier to do sadhana. Not necessary that everything is released at one sitting but it will definately help one begin on with one’s sadhana and after doing sadhana for a certain time one will notice the changes happening in one’s life which itself will be motivation to do more sadhana. However, some saadhaks prefer attending many shivirs, which can truly work wonders if one is having too much of karmic baggage. With every shivirs the layers being burnt are commendable and things start becoming easier and easier.
However, all this depends on the surrender of the saadhak. Many find that after attending many shivirs also they see a change but it is not as much compared to others that they see. Here, one must again look within and see how much of surrender is there? Babaji says, “Release! How much are you holding on to? Help me help you by releasing. Do not hold on to what is not for your good.” When he says this he means surrender. Whenever Babaji does healings one should totally surrender not worrying who is watching and being too conscious of the physical or outer self. Many, I know, feel like dancing, weeping, etc but they never do it because they are too conscious. Never do this. You are going to shivirs to heal yourself. Healing means releasing! Until you release no one can help you. Not even Babaji. Babaji always says “No one can interfere with your free will. You have the power to choose. Nobody, not even Shiva, can interfere with your free will.”  Thus, it is upon you if you really want to be healed.
So, healing is not a simple cure for a disease or problem, it actually is the release of these karmas that you have knowingly or unknowingly created in so many lifetimes for thousands of years. So much things done; so much created. Now, do you really think it is easy to just wipe it out with a single wipe. It takes enormous amount of personal responsibility by oneself to even start a healing process. Unless one understands these things, healings are always going to be dependent on Babaji. One must surrender for Babaji to do his work easily and when one returns home one must do sadhana everyday. This is very important. Without doing sadhana and only depending on Shivir also will not help. That is why when one attends a shivir and returns one is still in those high vibrations for few days until one gets caught up in the wordly things and slowly one sees that things are back to square one. It is like going to the bank and getting pocketful of money and being very cool and happy one starts spending it lavishly. As the pocket gets empty, one starts feeling empty and cannot go about with normal life without money. Then one thinks of going back to the bank to get some more money. Now, to encash one must also have money in the bank. One has to work to receive money into the bank or one has to save enough to get enough money in the bank. In this example bank = shivir.  Money = grace. Job = Sadhana.
More than healing, Babaji’s shivirs are filled with wisdom on ancient sages and what more can one want than being bestowed with “Brahma Gyan” the highest knowledge that one can be blessed with. So the mantra here for ShivYog saadhaks is: Learn (from babaji), practice (sadhana), receive (grace and healing) grow (self-realization).
Namah Shivaya!

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