Message from Guruma

This blog post is shared by Shruti..
Namah shivay J
Guruma came. After the swadhaya, dhyaan and sankirtan, Gurma told us a story that Babaji told in the recent Mumbai shivir. She wanted to share with all.
Here is the story…..
Once upon a time, there was a WISE farmer (Wise means one who has wisdom and is connected to God). He had a wife, one son and one horse. (This is NOT the story told in Theory of karma, so continue reading…). He used the horse for agricultural purposes. One day the horse ran away. So the villagers came (shok sabha) and said KItne Dukh ki baat hai. The farmer was well balanced and said don’t know whether its right or worng, good or bad, but im fine (main atmasaath hoon is what Guruma said). The villagers were a little surprised on his reaction. They thought something bad has happened.
He was somehow managing his farming without horse which obviously was difficult. One day the horse came back with a mare (female horse). So again the villagers came and said so that is so nice. Good only the horse ran away earlier. The farmer again said I don’t know whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, par main atmasaath hoon. The villagers were again surprised with his reaction.
While training the mare for farming, farmer’s son was kicked by the mare and he was badly injured. Again the villagers came and said “How sad. He cant even get up from the bed. It would have been better if they never had that mare.” The farmer again had the same reaction. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad, par main atmasaath hoon. Now the villager thought this farmer is mad. Now it’s the limit. His son is on bed and injured and he says he doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad.  
After some days Second World War happened and the young men were taken for fighting. Now this farmer’s son was on bed and was the only young man left in the village. So now the villagers realised the wisdom of the farmer.
So Guruma said we only see a small portion of the whole picture and react intensely. At times, we become so sad on happening of certain incidences and cry, later on realising it happened for good. There was no need to cry at that point in time.  And at times, we celebrate certain things and those things turn to be a cause of misery later on. There was no need for the celebration at that point in time. We cant see the whole picture.
So one should not react so much on everything and stay calm. Uski raza mein meri raza. To put it in Babaji’s lingo Jis vidhi rakhe us vidhi rahiye and Har haal mein khushi. I read the similar story in one of the osho articles. It said just take things as facts and do not attach your emotions and judgements to it. This will help in staying balanced.
Ma also said that at times we get tensed regarding our journey. We don’t know where we have to go and what is the path and how will we reach there. She gave an example – when the parents are holding the hands of the child then the child completely trusts the parents and walks along without worrying. She said then why do you worry. Babaji is there with you, Lord Shiv Shiva is with you holding your hands, just trust and walk. 
Updates from DLF ashram (24th April 2011):
The Rhythm of the Universe, the musical concert is being organised in Mumbai (30th May) to start with where Babaji will be singing. All are invited. This is being followed by Shiv mahapuran sadhna shivir. All this is free of cost. Sadhaks are organizing these events. After this it will happen in Rohtak and Sirsa. For dates and more details check official website.
The purpose is to bring as many people as possible on the path of Sadhna. Ma requested to spread the word to all whom you know and bring them to the shivir. Jeetender bhaiya also requested people to come forward with ideas how to spread the message to maximum people. For example, using contacts and networks. People are also required to be informed regarding why one should meditate. All ideas are welcome and needed.
Bhaiya reminded 2012 is approaching and there is need for all this. Ma added that disturbances in the energy can be handled by generating high positive energy. So again its important to reach to maximum people. 
God bless
Namah Shivay J

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  1. tridiba says:

    thank you shruti and jacob bhaiya.
    om namah shivaye.


  2. Maniksidha says:

    That was good please keep posting such messages.


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