The Meaning of Guru Paduka Stotram

Most of the time, we are charmed by the ancient texts and scripts and also the stotrams. Adoration is one thing and following it in practicality is another.
The Guru’s photo is only for one to be reminded of the Guru principles that came from the Lord through this divine manifestation, through which you could interact using the five senses and receive so much from, through his speech, gestures and actions. This is followed by the disciple till the time his/her consciousness evolves to a stage where dependence is not on sight, form or physicality. It becomes more subtler and subtler. That is the very essence of the Guru Tatva. When things become subtler the physicality of the Guru starts diminishing and that is why the Guru’s feet are given most importance so that one does not get stuck or attached with the personality or physicality of the Guru.
Spirituality is understanding the elements and virtues behind every teaching and the attempt to imbibe it in one’s own life. Religiousness is blind Guru worship, flaunting hundreds of Guru photos all over, praising and glorifying the Guru to infinity, but not a drop of his nectar yet swallowed.
The path of the great Avdhootas is a very mindful and aware one. is a very crude and practical one. That is why the Avdhootas are no-nonsense people, who shun the very worship that the disciple feels so proud about. He kicks away all glory and praises for he doesn’t need it. He has come for something else, not these acts of more illusions and blinding. He has come to life you out of all this and not soak you further in it. I keep consistently travelling to many places and ashrams across India. Most places things are taught but nothing in practice. Everyone speaks about the greatness of their Gurus and even force it down on others, but none live it or try to live it. Publicising the Guru’s teachings is one thing and living it is totally another thing. This path is certainly not of flattery or comfort, but a rugged path of straight truths, and a serious path.
It is not necessary that one has mastered everything because everyone is a learner and a student for life. But what is important is that one has begun learning and putting all attempt to master everything in practice. So, it is not about perfection but it is about the practice itself.
Sharing one of the most profound text/stotram of Adi Shankaracharya ji, on the path of the Guru-Disciple. If you contemplate on each of this verse, you would be surprised as to how much we enjoy singing these, but how much yet is to be imbibe into our cores.
Will add one verse daily to the blog for daily contemplation.

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