A Living Example of Practical Spirituality That We Look Upon To

When i move through the illusions of the world,
i get distracted often, stumbling on the unreal
Many things that don’t align with the highest truth
An imperfect world judged by my imperfect views
Overwhelmed at times at the crimes on this planet
Shaken by the heartlessness of souls
Confused by the dissonance of speech and actions
Minds battling with gods and devils within
Pained often by the piercing words and actions of others
A feeling that this world doesn’t belong to me
Or more that i do not belong to this world

But simultaneously i also realize
that the earth is made for this very purpose
A platform of play of all kinds
A place where Gods strive to take birth
A place where humans get to become gods
A place where one works out their karmas
A place where there are examinations

And then, amidst all the play of duality,
My hope strives when i see the possibility…
possibility of penetrating these qualities of life
A living possibility, when i see my Gurudev
Firmly grounded in the divine connection
Amidst the forces of all kinds
Living with the common habits of the planet
Playing an ordinary role along with everyone
Yet playing a special role to millions
who strive to be like him, liberate like him

An unshakable man from his visions
A silent but immensely powerful dreamer
A man of actions and not just of words
A man of simplicity, grace and strength
A man with the most simplest needs of life

Don’t know how many years it has been
That i see him wearing the same attire
the same footwear for decades probably
Who can be content with groundnuts for lunch
And a banana for dinner
And if the need be, survive without them too

Praying for the good and bad alike
Being tough with the smoothest
And smooth with the toughest
All for the highest good of all
Playing every role that a human can think of
Father, mother, teacher, guide, prophet, guardian
Yet confuse one in contradictory ways,
For he is bound not with man-made laws
But adapting to them, only for reasons
That great men like him always carried on earth for eons
Divinity has always had her child manifest
for bringing the scattered souls back home
Here is yet another child of the divine
Who we are fortuned to have known,
to have experienced, felt and been touched.

I often wonder, that when we need solace,
We run to him for help, for liberation from miseries.
Then i always wonder with so much of awe
who will he turn to if he needs someone 
Then i watch him silently tune to
None in this realm, but the Almighty
For that is his abode, there is his solution

Just that touch fades out all the miseries of dualities
For there is hope when i look at him
hope that liberation is possible,
that living above dualities is possible
that witnessing the play around is possible
that connecting to the Supreme is possible
that being established in Oneness is possible
that being unmoved by critics or jealousy is possible
that being untouched by fame is possible
that being focused on one’s highest purpose is possible
that working beyond human possibilities is possible
that working in multiple dimensions is possible
that winning over one’s impurities is possible
that freshening up in the weary journey is possible
that standing up after a fall is possible

There are many times in past i had given up
for most of the things on this planet 
They don’t seem or feel as great as it looks
That is when i felt i never belonged to earth
With strong urges to go back home
When i was on verge of exiting existence
for a far better existence without karmic residue
that is when at the very last minute he appears
As though with a reminder of something incomplete
and that one glance is enough
to remind me my true purpose
in this very place and planet
With the possibility that all is possible
in the very here and now

This is why millions look up to him,
for in him they see a living possibility
This is why people fall in love with him
because they see a part of their soul in him
May all be blessed to achieve the goals of human life
Just by contemplating on this form of the Divine..
Divine Love and Light
~ Jacob Shivanand

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