Guru is fire, who gives warmth but also burns you

Few strive to be like Him, but in vain, because it is not easy being fire. It is easy be a candle or a lamp and think that it is fire, but that is not how the Siddhas are made. They are burnt out, they are ashes, burnt out of ego, pride, vanity and self-righteousness. That is why they can look beyond themselves, that is why there are full of unconditional love. Unconditional love cannot be taught or preached, it can be only done. He doesn’t preach, He is that way. He doesn’t teach or preach through sarcasm but when he gets sarcastic or straight, it is with a sheer higher motive and not a motive motivated by the ego, a motive that is tangible and felt, even through his face of disagreement or anger or disapproval, for even that face is unreal if you truly can look at it because behind that is the Master, expecting only the highest for the countless ones that are dear to him.
He has no favourites, but he can make one feel that way or make one feel too precious, the myth that easily catches up with the one who takes the Master for granted, just because of a physical proximity or any other physical or relative bonds. i have seen people treating the Master as though He was a casual friend or a casual teacher or a casual senior in the path of spirituality, thus unknowingly and ignorantly playing Guru to the Guru, while He silently watches the play, often understanding why one does what he or she does, and that is the sheer heights of spiritual advancement. He overlooks it all silently as though He isn’t aware of anything because at times, he doesn’t want to hurt egos for it may splash any moment. He at times even praises or flatters or hails the great one before Him, again with a pinch of unconditional love, to sometimes motivate and keep inspired, with nothing to even derive from it.
He doesn’t need the social media to teach or preach any high-funda stuff, because his teachings have been as simple as a villager sitting in his farm or a cobbler mending a shoe could understand. But this teachings are spread in the modern world by many thousands who love him. They spread the word of their Master, arrange for all opportunities to reach their Master’s words and sharings across the globe, many working tirelessly around the globe. i have noticed so many selfless dear ones of the Master creating even special profiles and even remaining anonymous to spread this word, unconditionally. That is selfless service. But why do they do it? Because they have been touched by this Unconditional fire.
True inspirations come only from true beings, who is inside what is seen outside. No contrasts, no complications, no attention-seeking, no big words. This fire cannot be flattered unlike the mortal beings, who can fly to the moon on a single word of praise and fall deep into the earth and bury themselves due to a single criticism. This is why it is important to study and contemplate on the consciousness of the Master than what the mind perceives of Him. When the focus is on His consciousness, one truly moves towards becoming Him. When the focus is on His outer aspects, one can only aim to become like Him. It is not possible. You can never become Him but you can become like him. For those who seek to become Him, will need to become fire, burn, to the point where nothing remains of him or her. Not even the identity of how you are related to him. That state is too high, where just a few can even dare to reach, forget daring to walk towards. Needs great tapas, utter humility and great reverence. But then, it is that scintillating inspiration before you that makes life even meaningful or purposeful. For you know how high that standard is. For it will constantly remind you every moment how you are nothing in front of that fire, how you need to take things seriously in order to even pursue the path. Pursue not by desiring to walk the path with memorised teachings or imitations, but pursue by being that tatwa, truly in mind and spirit too. The mind tries enact and create newer things from time to time in order to pacify this experience, but the soul is never satisfied as the soul never lies – one reason why all great masters preferred silence more than preaching. Yes, they preach through silence too, but who wants to hear silence? The mind needs constant approvals, constant praises, constant activity, constant blah-blahs, constant thinking, constant planning, constant running, constant motivation, constant solace, constant answers, constant feedbacks… the ‘constants’ are endless… Only when all these expectations are dropped, can one attune to the silence, in which space also rests one’s Master.  This is how one can attune to the Guru’s consciousness. It cannot be entered with the mind. It can be only entered with that state of awareness, silence.
i am not preaching here about what should one do or not do or what is it that i do or not do. Am just expressing my views after seeing confused ones who are heavily wanting to decode every word of the great ones, just a greed or lust to find a secret here or there, or to find that treasure that will only be theirs. Often disappointed of not finding anything, they conclude…. not realizing that it was all very much there, but they did not sink into the deep waters of that truth, but they rather swam superficially above the waters, desperately searching that which could have been found if they became still.
Words are mere tools to connect to the real thing – the Guru Consciousness or the Guru tatwa (element). Even though this fact is known, it had never been easy for me, for spirituality is not as easy as it seems. It is not about how smart one is with words or actions or activities. It is about what emanates from within you. Watch closely, if the Master sits silently even without speaking a word, He will still attract the masses. With speech even a dictator attracts. Without speech only an enlightened being can attract. He will attract the beasts and reptiles too. Often when i visit Gurudev’s places of tapas like the Karjat ashram or Alwar Gaushala, all i can feel is the awe. Awe of how a man sat at that dry desert area of Rajasthan alone in silence for months and how it is today bubbling with life that includes flora, fauna,  animals and humans! How a man sat under a peepal tree in an unimagined remote corner of Karjat and how today it seems as though even rocks have life there. This is the power of the burnt ones – the ones of fire. That is the power of the fire. It burns many in many ways, but He is beyond any final judgement for anyone. For there is always room in his chamber of compassion and unconditional love, even for the burnt, disgruntled, disillusioned ones. Also the ones who feel they know Him more than Him. i am often amused at how people still are disillusioned and feel they are smarter than him, just because he is not yet modernized. i laugh my heart out, yes, even today. And he sits there, in silence, watching it all, amused but not making a joke out of it as our habits are.
Every single being who have surrendered to the Master must know that it is the Guru’s consciousness that is leading them and not their so-called intelligent brains. Maya has so much power that it can certainly make one feel of their superiority. i have seen the ones who ushered the way walking in front of the Master, felt it is He who was making way for the Master, just like the dog tied beneath the moving bullockcart felt that he was carrying the bullockcart and the ones in it and taking them to their destination. Funny isn’t it? But it can unconsciously play a different play, in unawareness. At a certain time, i heard the one travelling with the Master say that the Master is coming with him, rather than saying he is coming with the Master. Small grammar error maybe but a big spiritual mistake. However great one may be physically, financially, mentally, the lamp can never be greater than the fire. But the mind and ego can make it feel that way.
All said and done, nothing matters to Him. For He still remains beyond everything, even beyond this article or what even is said about such things. It is the mind that is even writing this, for the soul would have never preferred to say anything because it has no words, it is silence. But somewhere the ego has convinced the mind to share this, with no conclusions drawn towards anything. It is just a conveying, that has lot of importance but at the same time is of null value in reality. For the ones confused, know that it is okay not to understand it for that is how it was meant to be. For the ones who understand it and gain from it in any way, i feel blessed to have been given that opportunity to serve.
Divine Love and Light ❤

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