Life is as it is meant to be

Had almost forgotten about these old pics of my life journey.. got them in my hard disk..

i realize that these pics are one of the very little possessions that i carry with me today in the journey of life. When i look at them, it gives me an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to the very good old memories of life and fortune of having met and been with so many dear loving souls… i have another FB profile that is a very old one that i have been using for my other world – my friends, classmates, family and students and today shared there with many of them and it was a celebration of messages exchange and laughter and the joy that they too shared. Same here on this profile… it was as though re-living life once again. But on that profile, though knowing well they are my soul group, could not mention it there, as that part of the world of mine does not understand the deeper and subtle aspects of life and would fail to understand what i meant to say. But i can post it here 🙂
We all are certainly part of the soul group including being under the shelter of our Gurudev – Babaji. This is rarely known and understood until the ‘time’ comes and when it comes, people start awakening, people start meeting each other under different Masters. Masters know it but they wait for the ‘time’ the souls awaken and then they continue gliding them through life in the direction best suited for their ultimate good. All throughout the life, new souls of your soul group come to you, those who have finished their agenda with you, drift away. It’s all part of the big game. So, no great excitement on meeting someone new, nor regrets on losing someone in circumstances beyond control one’s control. Everything was meant to be the way it is. All this makes me smile at the fact that life is not in the destination but in the journey itself… My heartfelt gratitude and love to you, to every soul i met and know as friends, strangers… whatever.. who flocked together in so many ways. Jesus is known as the shepherd who guides and protects His sheep (people). Very similarly, Baba is our shepherd….. Divine Love and Light!

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