Guru is like a Mother

Will never forget these moments. We had just finished a shivir in Banswara, Rajasthan and the Master and we all went to Alwar Gaushala for a visit. There were not much people as it was not made known to all. We were just about a bunch of 8-10 people. Thus, the Master was relaxed and moving freely around the Gaushala. Then, he moved towards his cottage and sat down in the verandah of the cottage and asked for some raw cow milk. I don’t like milk and now since I knew that it was time for him to relax and I stopped the photography, took the camera off my neck and handing it to another team member, kicked off my footwear and happily walked into the grass lawn of the cottage, where spriklers were on and water was spraying around. The heat was too much. My soul felt like drenching in the water. All the few people who were there had sat down around the Master and I was free off my duties for sometime and so had decided to take this stroll. But essentially it was because I wanted to avoid that raw cow milk.

I began walking up and down feeling the earth under my naked soles of the feet and enjoying the sun and the rain of sprinklers. The lawn was only a few meters from the verandah of the Master’s cottage and I could see him relaxed on this bamboo chair with the few villagers and sadhaks sitting around him. That feel was simply heavenly. Everytime I lifted my head to slowly look at the Master I found that his eagle-like eyes was constantly following me as I walked up and down. Though he was talking to people which I could not hear, his eyes were watching me, just like a mother keeps an attentive eye on the little child playing a little far. It was a great feeling that I can’t express. I kept my stroll on for more about 30 minutes in deep awareness, aware of the grass under my feet, the water drops on my body,and also aware of the Master’s awareness on me, like a little child is aware of its’s mother’s protective presense..

Just then I saw that the milk was being brought to him. A large glass of milk was offered to the Master. At that moment I saw the Master gesturing to a person there looking towards me. That person called out loudly for me. I returned. When I reached near him, I saw the Master diverting the next huge glass towards us saying “isko bhi do” (give it to him also). That glass of milk came straight to me. Now it was no more the yuck milk, but Prasad and had to take it. I couldn’t resist asking for an empty glass stating that me and Manoj will share it, but being attentive to know if the Master was okay with it. He was. And so I split the glass of milk into another glass and offered it to Manoj bhai and drank the other.

Later, the Master took us to another location where I had an unforgettable incident, which will share some other time. to drink that milk though I disliked milk.

These photos of the Master were taken by Parmesh ji (including mine). The Master’s image was shared long ago on ShivYog instagram but only today when I saw my these pics in Facebook memory, I relived those moments, and share this beautiful incident of my life with you, in live and gratitude to the Master.

Divine love and light 💛✨

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