Guru is the reminder of the Ultimate Goal of Life

The journey always begins from dvaita (duality) and has to end with advaita (nonduality).

First it is always separate, be it even with God. The idol or the form is outside and you become the worshiper to that form.

You pray, plead, call, talk to that form or image or to that Beloved. You crave to savour the form through your senses – see, hear, touch speak to, the fragrance.

When you begin realising the form in your heart, when you experience it within, when you become one with the Beloved, all forms are simply no more an obsession.

Same is it with the Guru. No Satguru likes his students obsessed and attached to his physical form. My Master always ensured of this with me.

This is what I always tried to practise for these are the greatest teaching on the Guru marg. Then I realised that whether I was in physical proximity or not, the nondual is the most powerful.

The self-realized Master can reach his disciple in a spur of a second and knows this eternal truth, which the disciple may not have yet realised. The Master strives to teach this truth to the students.

The journey of the seeker is not just to look at the Master or God as an entity or boon-box whom you turn to only for getting your prayers answered, your wishes fulfilled. The Guru may be clung onto by the seeker for learning certain things but what must not be forgotten is that He is not just a someone who has come into your life to just fulfil desires but GURU IS THE REMINDER OF THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF LIFE.

So, in reality, for those on the path, it is the journey of a fan becoming a fanatic, a fanatic becoming a devotee, a devotee becoming a seeker, a seeker becoming a disciple, a disciple becoming one with his/her Beloved. This is the journey from the grossest to the subtlest.

This is what every seeker must strive to become. Become one with the Beloved. From dwaita to advaita. Dual to nondual. Then there are no prayers, no wishes, no demands, no requests.

In this state, no power on earth can separate the disciple and Guru because then no politics work, no power games work, no hatred or jealousy can brew anything, no status can influence, no religion can be a barrier, no relativity of human relations needed, no distances matter, not even life or death matters 😊. That is why every disciple must strive to become one with their Beloved and it is not impossible.

Divine love and light 💛 ✨

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