The power of communicating through your Bhaava (intent)

While at the Bangalore shivir in 2013, a little piece of paper came from an unseen child. It was a very innocent letter. i had read stories of children writing letters to God and this was not an exception in any way. The paper had this small Pardeshwara sketched on it and behind it were very few words scribbled in pencil which indicated that she must have been a very small child.

It had these innocent words “Dear Babaji, Always be with me. Make me not fear of anything and let me not get pain (meaning hurt) when somebody does something to me. Please come to my house Babaji. My number ——- My address ——- Lots of love —– ” 

Was so touched by this emotion and innocence of the child. The words he/she had written “….. let me not get pain (meaning hurt) when somebody does something to me…” Simply revealed what a forgiving child it was. Mostly, a scared one. It’s so touching to see a frightened child. I can relate with this through my own such childhood. And here.the little one was asking for courage to go help him/her go through any fearful moments.

 i was happy for i knew it had already reached the Master for sure, for He does not need physical letters. Even the very moment such letters are written, just if the emotion is right, He has read it and is aware of it. Personal experience! Knowing this fact, without an iota of doubt, i was so very happy for this child for i knew for sure she had already been blessed. Because not all letters or words that are even spoken to Him or given to Him physically may actually “reach” Him, but, whether you believe it or not, the “right” that have pure emotions does have instant delivery system to Him.

 Years back i used to write a lot to letters to the Master, which were never posted or reached Him, but it was only later i realized He was aware of it all!! There was even one moment when I remember, while I was at Gurgaon and in my room i was writing a blog for the official page and was in need for certain details on a certain subject. It was time for office and i left that incomplete and got ready and while i was on the way to office, Ishan bhaiya called and spoke of some references on exactly the same details and told me where to find it. I asked bhaiya what made him give that and he said Babaji had told him an hour ago to share those details with me. When i told him i was writing on the same and how did he know about it, he had no idea and actually we both were zapped on this 😄

Not just this, there are so many other instances where he knew while I was thinking to write itself, before even writing! There were times when he physically taught me how not to depend on external communication but internal communications, which will probably share this incident sometime in my LIVE sessions on my page.

So, coming back to this little child’s sketch and letter. All such physical attempts are not really needed. The logic mind has it’s own play but then reading this little one’s letter with just 2 or 3 sentences revived the thoughts of the same route and wished to share this. What flowed from this child’s heart was untainted unlike the words that flow from the mind that can be “intelligent” words or “planned” words or “crafted” words or “systematic” words or “pondered” words or “edited” words or such. It was just what flowed from the heart straight into paper – no corrections, no elaborations, no re-thinking, no rubbing and rewriting….. She expressed a sentence requesting that she not get hurt by anything. simple straight thoughts expressed to the point. Period. This kind 100% works, yes, without posting 🙂 Period. Divine Love and Light 

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