Sometimes Silence is the best answer

How difficult to answer when the one who asks a question wants to hear what one wants to hear. There are only two ways to deal with it. One is to speak the truth but do so only when you know it is going to be worthwhile your time and energy that you spend on it. The second way is SILENCE. But the one thing common in both solutions is not to be bothered how it is taken at the other end.. Lol..\

I have seen Baba following the second option most of the time. He believes it’s not worth giving advices and preaching, if one is not truly ready for it, for he or she may listen but there is no guarantee they will follow it or heed to it. So, I learn that, this is where we refrain ourselves from interference into other’s decisions. This is where we respect other’s free will and most importantly, this is where we accept the person the way he or she is. After this, at the end of it, if a wisp of love, prayers and blessings can be sent to the person, we also practice unconditional love. Isn’t this a beautiful package?

Divine love and light.

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