The Master

Avadhoot Shivanand – my Master – whom i came across in 1998, when my life was going through a major upheaval. After meeting him, life was never the same and took a mighty turn.

He is known to be a Siddha Guru from the ancient Masters of ShivYog lineage, who were all from the prime lineage of Rishis or Sages. He was a healing Master, who for more than two decades taught healing to the lakhs of people. He taught healing because he did not want to himself keep doing that, as he often mentioned of its limitations, but he added that if people learn healing, they can anytime heal themselves and their loved ones.
He later revolutionised healing by teaching it to various other classes of the society other than the common man too. His two other most diversified classes were the doctors and the farmers, for which he travelled extensively day in and day out throughout all seasons globally as well as in the interior parts of rural India. He won many awards, felicitations and honors throughout the globe as was honoured with a doctorate degree for his noble contributions in the field of healing.

Well, that is what he has been for the world. For me, he is a simple Yogi, a Master with utmost determination in whatever he did, a compassionate being, a great devotee of the Supreme and an accomplished Master with zero-level tolerance for any nonsense. He worked almost 24 hours of the day and night, hardly slept, ate little, exercised and worked on himself at every opporunity and remained absorbed in meditation whenever he was not doing something. Now, that was not really “not doing” as that was the time he was doing the most, for his ways of healing and grace were beyond the physical. He operated more from the subtle world for the world. 
Though i fell in love with his teachings and attended most of his programs as a seeker, my intense desire to be with him soon manifested as i got an opportunity to work very closely with him for more than 7 years, during which was the time i had close encounters with what life actually is. A major part of me (the ‘I’) dissolved during this period.
It is with his grace that i was able to understand the depth of life and the beauty of the Sanatana and the could get glimpses of the mysteries of the Avadhootas and Siddhas, which later made me dwell into the life and works of the Mystics.
This is how i came across him and met him. Read ~ My First Experience with the Master

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